Release The Demon

All Access Membership

Red Devil Pass (new)


As a member of JADC, you will have free access on BLUE menus, as opposed to RED menus.

You can than decide if you would want to buy access to:


1 - Specific RED menus,

2 - All RED menus,

3 - Non.


Members also have a choice as to how they buy access to RED menus:


1 - Buy access with JaY Coins (Access on Demand)

2 - Red Devil Pass (All Access Membership)


Last but not least, members can also chose to remain on BLUE menus, and leave the RED menus for the more eccentrics among us.





- Monthly Recurring Membership

- All Access to all JADC websites

- No need to buy access with JaY Coins

- Fast access to the hottest content

- You save € 8,00 per month

- No hassle, no fuzz...

- Only Eu 50,- first 3 months,

- than Eu 19,- per month, until you cancel

Red Devil Terms & Conditions

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