Are you looking for some seriously hot content?

And seriously get


on the first transaction of Eu 50,00

25% on re-bills.

Than we are happy to inform you:

Your quest for fulfillment has come to an end.

You have reached your final destination.

With seriously hot models?

JADC & Triple-X3D

Our plan was to create a large member base, in a short time, in order to market our website as much as we could, with just about no funds.


Today we are proud to announce that we now have more than 1000 Members, and an impeccable charge back reputation of ZERO.

During this time, we were also able to generate funds to improve on our production hardware, and are now steaming on more than 24 cores with more render power we have ever dreamed of before, for the production of exclusive content.


Needles to say, our production is running in high gear, and we are now ready to take JADC to DEFCON 1.

Is definitely the only Adult Content Network platform on the Internet today, launched on April 1 2014, that is based on Access On Demand.


To get an idea how this works, you can check out the Tutorials:

Red Devil All Access Membership



All Access Membership

The RED DEVIL Campaign is not something new, but rather something special. It simply is the first monthly recurring fee Membership service to our more than 1000 members, that are now able to get:

ALL ACCESS to the JADC platform for only:


€ 19,00 per month,

instead of a whopping

 € 27,00 on demand.


A service specifically requested by 60% of the members,

who participated in our survey.


Red Devil Special:

€ 50,00 first 3 months

The Red Devil Affiliate Program is part of our latest campaign that would place JADC amongst the big boy's in the game.

JADC Mobile

To ensure the success of this campaign, we have also designed a complete new website, with easy color coded navigation, with a mega fast Mobile version. With our content cashed in every country in the world, mobile loading time is the same as the desktop version.


For your promotion, you will have a wide variety of galleries and exclusive video promos at you disposal.

Marketing Tools

Coming Soon:

- Video

- Trailers

Available Now:

- Galleries (PREVIEW)

- Image Series

- JPG, GIF or PNG Banners

The Last Peace Of The Puzzle

As you can see, we have been spending a massive amount of time preparing for this single moment. However without the last peace of the puzzle, our plan will be useless.


That last peace is you....


"Whether Rome was build in one day or not, remains to be seen. However one thing is for certain....

Caesar did not build it by himself."

Jim Assman

History tels us that compensation in those days were mostly given in the form of a slashing whip. Even though some folks would very much like that, we will not be whipping any body. Instead we will be showing our gratitude for your support by way of compensation that exceeds your expectations.

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