Triple-X3D Designer Policy



All  models are designed to be 18 years or older. Because of the fine line we travel when designing a model, we have posted the intended age of each model on their pages, in order to eliminate any doubt or confusion.


All sexual depictions are designed to represent a form of both male and female fantasies, and is in no way or form intended to represent uncontentious sex.


Images and stories are designed to represent a light form of bondage. In most cases the female is not allowed the use of her hands. They are restrained by another male or female or with the use of rope or chains. This depiction is deemed as a female fantasy and therefore always ends with the female ejaculating..


 The  website is intended as a source of entertainment and does not represent our views about sexuality in any way or form.


All characters and character names are fictional and do not represent any specific person living or dead.


 To make our stories interesting we search the Internet for facts and real location names. We than use them randomly and where they are best fitted. No fact or location name are used to represent any event in the past or present.


Our designs, stories, movies and galleries are deemed solely as a form of erotic  entertainment. Let it be known that we are strictly against violence in any way or form, sexually or non sexual, and against male or female. The time we get to spend on this earth, is just not enough to be waisting it on violence.


The name “Jim Assman” is a pseudonym used by the designer,  who wishes to remain anonymous.



“Women are to be treated with dignity and respect, for they are the most beautiful creatures on our planet.”


Jim Assman




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