Is a one of a kind Erotic Entertainment concept, deemed for the more sophisticated sexual fantasy. Instead of just producing plain porn movies like everyone else, owner, web-master and movie producer Jim Assman has chosen to create content based on the Hollywood concept.


The Hollywood concept referred to is the concept of creating an emotional bond between the performer/ movie star/ CGI Model, and the viewer. This production concept, which is also called “Character Driven”, is based on a script that would first take the time to introduce the character to the viewer in order to create the emotional bond. Once the connection is made, the script will than release the drama on the character, which will have a much greater impact on the viewer, than otherwise.


This is also the reason why mostly “Character Driven” movies are the big Oscar winners every year, even though they are not specifically the biggest at the box office.


In order to simulate the existence of the Hollywood movie stars in the Triple-X3D erotic cyber world, Jim has chosen to create Models with historical backgrounds, attitudes, lifestyles, social rankings and so on. Each Model has his own website with a complete profile, including a biography, and Gallery. Members can than get acquainted with the models and create an emotional bond.


Once a model is chosen to be featured in a movie, it will be the same as if it was a Hollywood movie production. The Model’s name will be added to the Credits of the movie, and a link to the Models page.


All scripts are also written with the specific profile of the featured Model in mind. In the case the character profile of the movie does not fit any of the existing models, a new model is than designed for the part, and is introduced in the movie, just as a newcomer would be in a Hollywood production.


For most Erotic CGI artist, it would be the animating, and rendering of the movie/ images what is considered to be the most work. However in the case of an Assman Production, it would be the post work.


Once the rendering is done for a new Assman Production, it is cut and converted for the the sound studio. This is where most of the work is done, which separates an Assman Production from the rest. The soundtrack of each movie is written and produced by Assman, and includes sound effects for every single movement a character makes in the movie. Every soundtrack is produced in such high quality, that the viewer will not be able to differentiate between a genuine Hollywood production, and a Jim Assman Production.




The content created by Jim Assman for the Triple-X3D website is also very different from any other production source. The key element is to create content that can not be made with real actors, but is also realistic enough to be possible. One of the major rules followed by Assman is the fact that every Erotic scene has to be unique, or present a structure that would resemble a member's sexual fantasy.


In order to accomplish this, extensive research is done on many topics, including politics, history or a wide variety of social aspects, before the production is of a movie is set in motion.


Finally it’s the JADC member that has the final say in regards to content production. At the end of the day, they are the ones we are looking to please. Without them, there would be no reason to produce Erotic CGI content.

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